Biomass Network

Biomass Network

To sustain the success and outputs of the BiomassWeb research, BiomassNet, as network of experts and stakeholders, will be established as pan-African platform, equipped with an interactive website, and eventually accommodated under the auspices of FARA.

Problem statement:

Accepting the fact that delivering publications alone at the end of a research project will not have the expected impact and hence a crucial instrument is needed to achieve the over-all long-term goal of the BiomassWeb project to establish the basis for the development of a knowledge-based African bioeconomy.


Establishing a network that will:

  • sustain the process of creating innovative solutions and concepts (as started in BiomassWeb),
  • continue beyond the project’s lifetime (2018 and beyond)
  • become a major pan-African platform for innovations in biomass-based value webs,

through continuous supply of methods and tools from the research work of BiomassWeb and and in future of other research work.

Research questions:

More than a research question, the challenge of this WP is create a network, which is able to utilize the “living toolbox” for continuous research of creating innovative solutions and concepts for specific research questions at present and for up-coming research questions in future.


BiomassNet will serve as platform for the exchange of information, knowledge, experiences and ideas between its members and all methods and tools developed and used in the various work packages of BiomassWeb will be processed and made available to all members of the network for further use; esp. protocols, procedures, software and other decision support tools for process analysis and management directions. With this platform BiomassNet will initiate and support the development of additional methods and tools relevant to the production and use of biomass in Africa and build up a “living toolbox“ consisting of methods and tools as well as of experts. This “living toolbox“ will enable and stimulate in the future and for the future innovation processes and application and development of situation-specific recommendations for specific value webs under certain consideration.

Countries of field research:

No field research as such is needed to develop the platform.

Involved partners:

The platform will be accessible to all members from the relevant groups (stakeholders of the value webs, policy makers and decision takers, local and regional planners, experts and others) in the three research countries in the beginning and later on it will open up for other experts and stakeholders in other African countries.


  • Dr. Christine Schmitt
    Project Coordinator
    Center for Development Research (ZEF)
    Department: Ecology and Natural Resources Management (ZEFc)
  • Dady Dembe
    Regional Coordinator
    Forum of Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)