BiomassWeb Young Post-Doc Program started

In July 1, 2017, the BiomassWeb project started the Young Post-Doc Program (YPDP). The objective of this program is to accompany young African scientists in gaining expertise on issues and topics in the field of biomass for a whole year.

After a competitive selection process, we are happy to welcome the following five candidates to the BiomassWeb team:

Dr. Nana Afranaa KWAPONG, FARA

Dr. Nana Afranaa  Kwapong  has a PhD in Agriculture from Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. She has over 7 years work experience in international agricultural development. She has been consulting with international organizations including, GiZ, USAID, NEPAD, AGRA, and IFPRI. Her research focuses on extension and communication, collective action, agricultural policy processes, governance and institutions in agricultural development.
Her postdoctoral research is on the topic “Learning form Africa’s successful small to medium-scale farmers for improvement of the agricultural sector: A transdisciplinary research approach”. She will examine the dynamic process under which profitable successful small to medium-scale maize and cassava farmers have changed their farming activities to successfully exploit options and deal with current farming challenges. Also, examine the process of knowledge creation, transfer and uptake by smallscale farmers in collaborative research and learning process. And further assess how transferable knowledge transitions to improving production, processing and postharvest activities of maize and cassava farmers. The study will be conducted in Ghana and Nigeria.

Dr. Bertrand Festus Nero, FARA

Dr. Bertrand Festus Nero holds a PhD in Agriculture from the University of Bonn. For his Master’s and Bachelor degree he studied Forest Science at the Mississippi State University, USA and Natural Resources Management at KNUST, Ghana. Dr. Nero’s research focuses on the impacts of urban vegetation on the environment and wellbeing of urbanites. His research explores the between the urban forest structure and diversity linkages with critical ecosystem services for the development and wellbeing of urban dwellers. My research interests include climate change interactions with urbanization and forest resources. More specifically, my current research addresses questions linking forest and green spaces diversity to regulating and provisioning services in dense human settlements.  In the near future, my research envisages encompassing the establishment, silviculture and management of forest and green spaces in and around human settlements in the developing regions of the world.

Dr. Temitayo Adenike ADEYEMO, University of Ibadan

Temitayo Adeyemo is an agricultural economists from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Her research interests have focused on rural welfare and development. She recently completed her PhD thesis on the evaluation of the cassava value web in Nigeria and its impact on smallholder households’ food security status. Specifically, she focused on how smalholders have been able to make production decisions within a value web concept in the context of the cassava production system in Nigeria. Her research was able to profile how the cassava value web operates in two agro-ecological zones in Nigeria. She also adapted the multivalued treatment effect model to estimate pairwise impact of household decision in producing within a value web concept. She will continue to build up her research by exploring other issues relating to farming systems such as such as financing, vulnerability and risk management.

Dr. Muhammed A. USMAN, ZEF

Muhammed A. Usman is an economist at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany. He holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics with a major in Economics (2011) from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden and a second Master’s degree in Food and Resource Economics (2012) from the University of Bonn in Germany. In his doctoral degree, his research activities primarily focus on linking agriculture with health and nutrition, with a focus on developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Usman has a strong interest in nutrition and health, and currently, he is working on the role of market access on household food and nutrition security in the Yayu agroforestry system, southwestern Ethiopia as part of the on-going BiomassWeb research project.

Dr. John-Baptist S. N. NAAH, ZEF

Dr. John-Baptist S. N. Naah is a Human Geographer from Ghana. He specifically received his PhD in Ethnoecology/Ethnobotany within the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) Core Research Program at the Geographical Institute of the University of Cologne in 2016. His research interests include Socio-Ecological System analyses, Natural Resource Management, Renewable Energies and Food Security issues. He now joins the Center for Development Research (ZEF) as a fellow of the BiomassWeb Young Post-Doc Program. Dr. Naah is currently researching on ”Community-level analyses of biomass-based value webs: The case of smallholder farmers in Ghana”. His studies will not only focus on northern Ghana but will also cover the southern belt of the country.

The kick-off meeting of the YPDP took place on July 13 – 14, 2017, at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) in Bonn, Germany.