Innovative Management and Utilization for Bamboo Biomass in Agroforestry Systems: Dissemination Workshop

Bamboos are amongst the fastest-growing plants. Selective harvesting of bamboo culms favors growth and harvested biomass re-grows within a year. This renewability implies that the utilization of biomass enhances the productivity of bamboo. However, lack of research and data on bamboo and its uses limits its adequate utilization in Ghana and Africa; e.g. as component of agroforestry systems or as a renewable resource for energy. Therefore this research aims at surveying new uses of bamboo biomass (to generate additional income) and the integration of bamboo into agroforestry systems (to enhance resilience of food production systems and to supply additional biomass). The utilization of bamboo biomass is tested for: charcoal (for household energy). Additionally, bamboo-based agroforestry systems are tested – with regard to the productivity of food/non-food biomass and to the contribution within biomass supply systems.

Workshop Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders in Agriculture and Forest sectors, Bioenergy Energy and Environment sector, Bamboo entrepreneurs, bamboo and forest land restoration project managers, government officials, CSO etc, to share the project experiences/results in;

  • Increased resilience and protection of crop yields: bamboo & crops or help to farmers adapt to climate change (e.g. floods or erosion);
  • Increased livestock yields through feeding bamboo leaves
  • How a bamboo agroforestry system improves soil characteristics and, thus, increases productivity of food crops.

Location: Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa-FARA, Accra Office, Ghana

Date: 22nd June, 2017