Integrating stakeholders in research process: Start of Demand-Driven Research and Development Program

Field trial of the project "Exploring the potential of bamboo leave fodder for livestock production in Ghana".
Field trial of the project “Exploring the potential of bamboo leave fodder for livestock production in Ghana”.

In October 2016, the BiomassWeb project launched six demand-driven research and development (DDRD) projects in Ghana, Nigeria and Ethiopia. The projects will run for a period of six months and enable local stakeholders to investigate improvements in the value webs of cassava, bamboo, maize, plantain, and banana.

BiomassWeb’s DDRD program was developed to remain open for the concerns of local stakeholders in the biomass webs and to allow for a certain degree of flexibility in identifying research questions based on their questions and demands. Following a competitive selection process organized by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) with support from the Center for Development Research (ZEF), six DDRD projects were launched in October 2016 which will run until April 2017. The projects are carried out by research and government organizations and investigate topics on post-harvest losses, innovative usages of biomass products, and the optimization of production processes in the value webs of cassava, maize, bamboo, banana and plantain.

The following projects are funded under the BiomassWeb DDRD program:

Exploring potentials of the bamboo sector for employment generation and food security in Ethiopia: An institutional analysis of bamboo-based valueweb
Principle Investigator: Dr. Bamlaku Alamirew, Yom Institute of Economic Development, Ethiopia.

Using cassava peels for mushroom cultivation
Principle Investigator: Alice Esinam Dawson, Women in Agricultural Development, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Accra, Ghana.

Developing biomass-based value chain of plantain and reduce post-harvest losses of plantain through the development of value added products for small scale farmers and processors in two regions in Ghana
Principle Investigator: Dr. Charles Tortoe, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Food Research Institute, Accra, Ghana.

Exploring the potential of bamboo leave fodder for livestock production in Ghana
Principle Investigator: Dr. Dr. Samuel Tetteh Partey, Department of Agroforestry, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

Mass and energy balance analysis of pneumatic dryers for cassava and development of optimization models to increase competitiveness
Principle Investigator: Adegbite Suraju Adeyemi, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Production of bio-plastics and bio-gels from wastes of cassava, maize and banana to promote their biomassweb values
Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Abdulganiy Olayinka Raji, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The DDRD program is an important element of the transdisciplinary research approach of the BiomassWeb project. It supports the integration of target groups and stakeholders in the research process and the adaptation of the BiomassWeb research agenda to the demand identified by these actors.

In total, BiomassWeb earmarked 150.000 € of the project funds  granted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the DDRD program. Following a call for proposals in January 2015, 20 project proposals were received and six projects were selected in an expert-based review process carried out at FARA with support from ZEF. The funds are managed by FARA with support from ZEF.