Workshop on ‘Qualitative Modeling’ with iMODELER in Nigeria

A two-day workshop on ‘Qualitative Modeling’ was held at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria from February 29, 2016 to March 01, 2016.

Members of BiomassWeb and the workpackage 3.3 ‘Systems Modeling’ presented the development of descriptive and explorative models of biomass-based value webs of different crops with the software iMODELER, developed by CONSIDEO.

iMODELER develops generalized models of biomass chains, such as cassava, maize or plantain, while looking for synergies between the crops as well as synergies with other crop with explorative qualitative cause and effect modeling.

The workshop had the goal to find potential measures for explorative modeling and reflect on how to initiate change as well as identify the obstacles on the way to learn the systemic methodology of Explorative Qualitative Modeling.

Group picture iModeler Ibadan 2016








Participants of the workshop on ‘Qualitative Modeling’ in Nigeria