BiomassWeb Science Meeting in Nigeria

Group picture of the workshop participants. On February 23-26, 2016, a BiomassWeb Science Meeting was held at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Project members from all three partner countries with 10 different nationalities participated in the meeting and presented their research.

During the meeting, the new direction of the project was discussed and different work packages presented their work activities and achievements. In group activities, the participants discussed target outputs of each work package, with the realization that some group activities could be merged.

Hence, the meeting had the goal to intensify the collaboration and interchange between different BiomassWeb work packages. For this purpose four priority areas were put together, each of them representing a special field of research represented by several work packages.
The priority areas and their fields of research are:

  1. Food and nutrition security:
    Finding pathways to increase food availability and nutrition security via production and processing of food biomass
  2. Income generation:
    The contribution of food and non-food biomass to income generation within the value web
  3. Policies/decision support:
    Supporting evidence-based policy and decision-making within an African bioeconomy
  4. Innovation systems and Transition management:
    Opportunities and challenges with a focus on African biomass-based value webs

Furthermore, the online presence of BiomassWeb research will be more visible through the BiomassWeb Dgroup and BiomassNet. The BiomassNet concept was presented and discussed during the meeting. Including the important feedback from the participants, BiomassNet will be ready to launch in November, 2016.

On the last day of the meeting, the participants took part in an excursion to IITA, Nigeria, to visit important research sites, such as the IITA Cassava Processing Facility or the Business Incubation Platform (BIP).