Propagation Technologies

Innovative propagation technologies

Problem statement:

This work package will focus on low budget production of high quality planting material of banana / plantains to increase crop biomass / yield and quality and to make healthy plantlets available to farmers at low cost, which will also benefit food and non-food consumers. Using inexpensive, easily and locally applicable manipulation techniques will result in efficient production of improved planting material. This improved propagation and cultivation systems will be based on knowledge gained from fundamental research on plant propagation and development.


  1. Develop innovative propagation technologies.
  2. Improve banana / plantain crop management systems.

Research questions:

  1. How can modern tissue culture methods be adopted by African small-scale, low-budget farming systems?
  2. How do mechanical treatments and applications of plant growth regulators (PGRs) manipulate the source material (corm) to induce new shoot growth?
  3. How is plant development and biomass production influenced by these two crop management techniques?


  1. Induction of shoot generation and propagation by specific treatments (e.g. 6-benzylaminopurine, coconut extract, mechanical manipulation of meristem).
  2. Laboratory analysis of plant hormones and key gene expression to evaluate effects of treatments and to improve manipulations.
  3. Aseptic in-vitro propagation and culture with easy to handle and simple technologies.
  4. Improved field and / or greenhouse cultivation to obtain healthy plantlets and minimize infestation with pathogens and pests.

Countries of field research:

Kumasi, Ghana

Involved partners:

  • Crop Research Institute, Kumasi, Ghana
  • National Agriculture Research Laboratories Kawanda, Kampala, Uganda
  • Bioversity Intl., International Musa Germplasm Transit Centre (ITC) c/o KU Leuven Division of Crop Biotechnics Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement


  • Prof. Dr. Jens Wünsche
    Team Leader
    University of Hohenheim
    Institute of Crop Science (340)
  • John Opata
    Junior Researcher
    Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES)
  • Dr. Suputtra Sarathum
  • Eleyza Bakaze
    Junior Researcher
    Institute of Crop Science (340)